Giving our members the tools they need

At the Association of Professional Dog Walkers and sitters we believe in giving our members the very best in tools to keep their businesses ahead of the rest. With this in mind we are excited to say we have now released the Android™ App which is available in the members area and we are in the latter stages of developing an IOS™ app for our members.

Welcome to our new dog walking tracking app

Our new app will track your walking route and time taken to complete the walk, unlike some apps ours will continue to track your route even if the app is not open as long as it is running in the background. Therefore you can take calls and send and receive messages or even listen to music without effecting the running of the app.

The App has the ability to share the tracking information with your customers through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I am sure you will be pleased to know that the app is free for members and can be found in the members area. Please note the IOS™ version is still in development.

Please, just be aware that this will be the first working version of the app and there may be some small bugs we may have to iron out in the early stages. Whilst the app has been tested prior to making it available to members some very small flaws may crop up. We will offer app updates should the need arise.

APDWS Association of Professional Dog Wakers and Sitters