Dog Sitting is sometimes the overlooked part of our industry

Dog sitters do seem to be the unsung heroes of our industry, despite being a large and essential part of it. From sitting elderly dogs to very young pups, dog sitters need to have a very good set of skills to do this as a profession. Both elderly dogs and puppies need intensive caring help and assistance.

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Dog sitting at its very best in the UK

Dog sitting is the preferred option to kennels as this avoids the risk of catching diseases associated with kennels and more importantly the stress it puts on the dog. You have advantage that your dog is in familiar surroundings so is far less stressful which is especially important for older dogs and pups.

At the association of Professional Dog Walkers & Sitters™ we believe it is important that if you are leaving your dog for an extended amount of time, or just the day dog sitting has to be the preferred option. Our members are caring, often dog owners themselves and love looking after your dog.

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At the Association of Professional Dog Walkers and Sitters we understand the dog walking and sitting market, allowing us to tailor our service to our members. We are also acutely aware that our members are very passionate and knowledgable about their industry. We are fortunate that we represent people who love dogs and this in turn shows in the quality of service they provide to their customers.

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Domestic boarding is worth considering as an alternative to kennels

Domestic boarding is when your dog is cared for by the sitter in their home rather than yours, this is becoming a popular option amongst dog owners. The advantages are obvious, including being in a home enviromment, less stressful for the dog and owner and 24/7 care.