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Better Together

Our members have chosen this industry because they love dogs and the outdoors and therefore are happy in their work, which makes for a good basis in any profession. We would like to nurture the professionalism within our industry to help improve standards especially helping those who are just starting out

Our Members Clients

The Association of Professional Dog Walkers & Sitters™ mission is to provide support and resources to our members to help them provide a given standard level of service of which should as a minimum meet their clients expectations and often will far exceed them.

Our members operate from our code of practice which sets out our minimum expectations as a member, however we provide tools to help them offer over and above this.

All our members are expected to follow procedures which will ensure all information regarding the clients needs are recorded and implemented. Again we ensure our members accertain the needs of the dog(s) including for example socialising and dietry needs. and all the tools to do this are supplied by ourselves.

Our Members have joined the Association of Professional Dog Walkers & Sitters™ because they care about the service that they provide and they like us would like to provide their Clients the best service possible.

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Passionate & Proud

We are passionate about the care and service our members provide to their clients, we believe that there is only one level of service acceptable and that is what we expect from all our members. We are proud to represent our members who have chosen to be the best in their field and are responsable for keeping standards so high.