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Dog walkers help isolated owners

Many people across the UK are unable to leave their home due to the coronavirus outbreak. So what happens if you have a dog that needs a daily walk? The answer is a rapidly growing network of volunteer dog walkers. Underdog International is now coordinating a national network to help vulnerable and isolated dog owners.

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Walk a Marathon with your Dog

We are asking you to team up with your dog and pledge to walk the equivalent of a marathon (26.2 miles) between 1 and 31 August. This contributes to an overall target of 4,266 miles - one for every person found rough sleeping in England last year. You can achieve this by walking 1 mile every day for 26 days in August, this will take about 15 minutes a day. Or you could walk 2 miles on 13 days in August, this will be about 30 minutes every other day.

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A hunt has been launched to find a man who carried a dog through a park by its collar.

The RSPCA is looking into the incident, which took place in Parsloes Park in Dagenham, east London, on March 29. The man was seen carrying the small white Spitz-type dog across the park before he climbed into a black BMW. He was dressed in a black hat, black jacket and dark-coloured jogging bottoms. It comes after a mum and her two children were hospitalised after being bitten by a vicious dog during an Easter egg hunt in another London park

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Dog left with brain damage

A dog was left severely brain damaged and had to be put down after eating poisonous berries from a plant. Chloe Allen has issued a warning over the deadly lords-and-ladies plants after her dog Lola ate some berries and suffered for eight months. The 22-year-old from Minehead, Somerset, said Lola had to be put to sleep on March 26 after eating the berries in August last year. Just a few minutes later, the golden retriever had a seizure which caused her to lose her sight, hearing and develop respiratory disease and epilepsy. Lola's body also began producing excess stomach acid to fight off the life-threatening berries - causing parts of her tongue to burn away.

The cutest coronavirus rule enforcers ever

There’s not much that’s funny about the coronavirus pandemic and all the new rules surrounding it these days, but dogs in Finland are providing airline passengers with a dose of humor and entertainment—all while checking on their health. The dogs are trained to sniff out the coronavirus and alert their handler when a person has it. They’re remarkably accurate, and it only takes them a few seconds to smell the virus,

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Dog with posh standards invites himself to snack

Who doesn’t prefer a relaxed dining experience? Murphy, a dog who belongs to Audrey Waito, certainly does. Waito posted a TikTok video of Murphy very carefully carrying his dinner bowl from the kitchen to the living room and jumping up on the couch—without spilling a single kibble—then settling in to veg out and snack. Waito says that Murphy got the idea from watching her and her daughter eat on the couch and decided that if they got to be comfy while eating, then so did he. Now it’s a tradition to eat together as a family

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