apdws android dog walking app
October 20, 2021

Release of our Android™ dog walking app

APDWS™ are pleased to confirm that our Android dog walking app is now available on our members page, please read our instructions on how to install. You can share your walks through social including facebook™ and Instagram™.

IOS dog walking and  sitting logo
October 28, 2021

Work is due to commence on our IOS app in early November

We are hoping to have the IOS (Apple) app ready by Late February 2022, work should start as soon as the Android version is complete and has been signed off. This will only be available from the app store.

association of professional dog walkers first aid logo
April 08, 2021

Roll out of first Elearning module

APDWS™ have now released the first elearning module, this is basic first aid course module one. On successful completion we will issue a certificate confirming completion of the course. Email us if you would like to take part.

apdws forum logo image
October 20, 2021

APDWS™ Coronvirus Update

The Coronavirus still seems to be very much with us and has had an impact on us keeping our site updated and our plans on target, we will however do everything we can to keep you up to date and informed. If you have not received your membership certicate yet, you will do so within the next 30 days..

APDWS featured image for association of professional dog walkers and sitters
April 07, 2021

Member featured website

At APDWS™ we are always looking for ways to promote our members businesses and in line with that, we would like to hear if anybody would like their dog walking / sitting websites featured on our webpages. This will be free of charge.

April 28, 2021

APDWS™ head and shoulders above the rest

The Association of Professional Dog Walkers and Sitters continue to add further content to our website and provide additional tools to our members free of charge. We do not charge for every extra.

APDWS mission Logo for Association of Professional Dog Walkers and Sitters

Heat Stroke & Dogs

As we start to head into the summer we need to remember that dogs can get heat stroke too.The signs of heat stroke in dogs are panting, drooling, drowsy and can seem uncoordinated. Should you find a dog with these symptons during hot weather you should stop any exercise, use cool water to slowly reduce the dogs temperature and allow the dog to drink small amounts of water. The water should be cool not ice cold.

If you are transporting dogs in hot weather make sure that you leave windows open to allow air to flow through the vehicle and use air conditioning where fitted.

Fleas & Ticks in warm Weather

All professional dog walkers will be aware that fleas and ticks are more prevalent during warm weather and therefore need to keep a close eye on dogs in their charge. Remember to check with their owners to ensure a flea and tick regime is in place.

Ticks are usually found in the leaf litter of woodlands and shaded areas, they climb up the vegetation in search of food. Ticks do not have eyes but can sense carbon dioxide as dogs walk pass and can also pick up vibrations when walking our dogs.

Fleas also thrive in the warm weather and can be a major irritation in more than one way, fleas can cause skin irritations and some of these can be very severe. If you are walking a dog that is showing unusual signs of irritation, please let their owner know as soon as possible. If you do have a dog that is suspected to have fleas, but is being treated please walk the dog separately.

Here at Association of Professional Dog Walkers & Sitters™ we hope you have a great spring and summer and stay safe and away from our irritating little insect friends.